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...olympic games are coming...

…this is an editorial I shot for japanese fashion magazine Safari Athlete,…I want the model to run towards the camera very fast, but I could not run backwards fast enough, so I got a wheel chair to do the job! Winking and it worked very well!…see the video below!…it was fun!

….now I know how to take a nice photo of Usain Bolt! Winking



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...let's go crazy...

Vanquish is a fashion brand in Japan and I was assigned to shoot their advertising which came out in a few magazines, very unusual and crazy imagesI…everyone had a great time!…including me!!…see also the instagram videos below so you can have an idea how the shooting was like!

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...war is not over...

the next war will be against ourselves, we are destroying our environment, and very soon a liter of water will be more expensive than gasoline, very soon the trees will be gone and the sky will fall and crush us all, according to brazilian indians, trees is what holds the sky up there!…this image is by photographer Anthony Kurtz, it is like a modern version of the famous 'Raising the flag on Iwojima'…The concept was to recreate Rosenthal's image, but with a group of survivors planting a tree on a landfill in a desperate attempt to save humanity, instead of the military raising a flag in enemy territory.

click on the image to read the story about this awesome photograph


...war is over...

we all have seen Vietnam war pictures, mostly taken by americans,…but we have never seen Vietnam war pictures taken by North Vietnamese!,…they had quite a few photographers documenting the war as well…and they had to go through hell to process and print their photographs…click on any photo to read the article,…it is very interesting…




...100 Greatest Sports Photos of All-Time...

I am a big fan of sports photography,…here are my favorites amongst the 100 greatest sports photos of all-time,…click on any photo to see the others!







...NY urban geometry...

Jeremy Cruz shot these photos in in New York…click on the picture to see the other photos and an interview with the photographer.


...miss universe japan...

today's model is Hiroko Mima, she was Miss Universe Japan in 2008, and I guess during this photo shoot she lost quite a few kilos…want to know why?…check the making of video below the picture!!