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...celebration day...

I was assigned by japanese fashion magazine 'Domani' to shot this bags editorial for Prada, the theme was 'a day in the life of a celebrity', as I myself used to be a hollywood celeb 😜 I knew very much what kind of images I should come out with to create an interesting story,…so,…she goes to visit Los Angeles,…gets off the helicopter, her body guards help with the luggage, soon she is interviewed by some TV station, then she has a little tea break to have her manicure done, after that she goes for a drive around town, do a bit of shopping, goes back to the hotel…and calls her lover…"can you send some more money, darling?"

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here are some making of videos I posted on instagram

...this is not a love song...

Johnny Rotten, the Sex Pistols vocalist and now lead singer of PIL, wrote the song "THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG" and the song has absolutely nothing to do with these photos, 😝 , but I thought you would be interested in knowing why I chose such title for this post,…to tell you the truth…I don't know too!! 😜…but I guess it is because I posted a video on instagram along with this comment: 'this is not a love story,…but looks like one',…makes sense now? 👀






now, check the video I posted on instagram…

the male model was very tall,…it was hard to make him fit in the frame,…as I couldn't chop his legs off to make him look shorter,…I told him to walk like this…so funny! 😅

...aliens are coming...

…when I saw this samurai outfit in a window display close to my office I didn’t think twice, I asked the manager if I could borrow it to take a few photos,…and here are the pictures!…I imagined an alien samurai, who came from a far away galaxy, visiting an empty planet earth!





check this instagram video out!


This Photo of a Potato Sold for Over $1,000,000

…THAT'S IT!!….I am quitting fashion photography!
…I am going to buy 10 kgs of potato and lock myself in a studio for a few weeks!!


read more HERE

...samantha thavasa photo shooting...

Samantha Thavasa is a well known bag brand in Japan, they opened a new shop at the airport and the female shop attenders work dressed like stewards.
The new shop also sells sweets and candies.They called me to shoot their new shop advertising but they didn't have a lay-out or an image for the shooting, the only thing they had was the stewards outfit, when I saw one of the stuff wearing it I had no doubt the pin-up image was going to be the best bet for the advertising image,…I suggested a few different ideas and to my surprise they liked them all…it means that the shooting lasted for almost 10 hours, shooting the 3 different models in many different situations….see the making of video below!


Picture 9

...instagram, here I am!

this is my very first post on instagram…

...happy new year to everyone...

…peace…love…food…water…and sunshine to everyone…